New Paintings!!

Here's a few paintings I completed recently, I have quite the back log of almost-finished paintings and sketches that I need to attend to. Hopefully I can get some more of them posted soon.

This first image is a pretty simple one. A while back I was in a slump as far as creating personal work goes, I'd stockpiled a bunch of very rough speedpaintings, none of which I particularly cared for. Lately I've been on a bit of a creative rush so I grabbed one of those lost images and made this painting out of it.

These three are a series. Each of these started as the same painting, I took it to about a 30% finish level and then saved it out separately. At that point I thought it'd be interesting to do a few completely different settings using the same basic environment.


  1. Congratulations, you are now a Mountain Master! These are fantastic. The atmospheric haze in the green scene is phenomenal. The Sunlight glistening off the top of the waterfall... Awesome work.