Prints for sale!

Hey guys I just set up a page to sell prints of my work, I know your walls are feeling super lonely so why don't you get them a friend:) here's the link

 PLUS here's a promo code to get free shipping on any prints purchased through March 8th


New stuff + HALO 4 Shenanigans

Here's some new personal pieces for my own side project .

This one is just a quick, 15 mins or so, speedpaint I did the other night that I liked.

Lastly, but certainly not least, here a few of the concepts I did for the last Halo 4 DLC map pack they released.

Halo 4 "Castle Map Pack" concept. © Microsoft Games


Buncha new stuff


 Here's a bunch of work I've been too absent minded to post. I'm beginning to experiment with some zbrush work with the last few.



Here's the first part of what will hopefully be a series of illustrations. The theme is fairly broad, I pick an era of history and create a series of "warriors" from that time period. This sheet is modern mercenary, nordic, and western gunslingers.


Random characters!

Here's some character sketches I did for fun this weekend, they're still a little rough, but again it was just for fun. I've also include a progression image of each of the major steps in my process. This isn't always how I approach character work, but it's one of my favorite ways. It works particularly well for something like this, where your only goal is to create interesting characters.


New Paintings!!

Here's a few paintings I completed recently, I have quite the back log of almost-finished paintings and sketches that I need to attend to. Hopefully I can get some more of them posted soon.

This first image is a pretty simple one. A while back I was in a slump as far as creating personal work goes, I'd stockpiled a bunch of very rough speedpaintings, none of which I particularly cared for. Lately I've been on a bit of a creative rush so I grabbed one of those lost images and made this painting out of it.

These three are a series. Each of these started as the same painting, I took it to about a 30% finish level and then saved it out separately. At that point I thought it'd be interesting to do a few completely different settings using the same basic environment.


Alien Forest

Here 's quick one I finished up today. Hopefully some more new stuff soon...


Go Team Venture!!!!!!

So I've been slowly chipping away at this one for about four months now and finally got it to a point where I was happy with last night around 3am. Enjoy.



Here's a couple my past favorites updated. I tweaked the colors and the sketch a little in both of them.


Wild China

So I just watched this documentary called Wild China and it was one of the more visually inspiring things I've seen, I recommend it. If you have a netflix account the show is available on the instant queue.

This was aprox 3-4hrs. worth of painting.


City speedpaint 02

This was about a 30-45min speed painting. I'm going to try and do a bunch of these really quick ones as often as possible.